Today in Science History: a geologist was born, an ornithologist died

Born this day:

William Buckland (Born 12 Mar 1784; died 15 Aug 1856). English pioneer geologist and minister, known for his effort to reconcile geological discoveries with the Bible and anti-evolutionary theories.

More at PALAEOBLOG, and some thoughts on Buckland from Brian at Laelaps

Died this day:

David Lambert Lack (Died 12 Mar 1973; born 16 Jul 1910). Born 15 July 1910 British ornithologist, best known as the author of The Life of the Robin (1943) and other works that popularized natural science. At Oxford University, in the 1930’s, David Lack studied the behavioural ecology of birds and its evolutionary significance. He was zoology master at Dartington Hall School (1933-40), taking a year off to study bird behaviour on the Galapagos Islands (1938-39). During WW II, he was recruited for operational research and was involved in early work on radar. He was one of the leading figures in British ornithology. His scientific research was on various aspects of speciation, population control, group selection, and ecological isolation.

Lack, David. 1947. Darwin’s Finches. Cambridge University Press (reissued in 1961 by Harper, New York, with a new preface by Lack; reissued in 1983 by Cambridge University Press with an introduction and notes by Laurene M. Ratcliffe and Peter T. Boag).

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