Beagle-Bobble: Some Cool Darwin Stuff for Me

I received my Beagle Project shirt and sticker in the mail a few days ago – thank you Karen for the fun contest! And don’t I look better than Kevin Z?

And a reference librarian where I work gave me a promotional gift she picked up at a library conference last year, a bobblehead of the young (as opposed to the bearded) Darwin (a promotional handout for Greenwood Press’ All Things Darwin (2007)). Some librarians have mentioned this in their blog posts.

4 thoughts on “Beagle-Bobble: Some Cool Darwin Stuff for Me

  1. Wow Michael! You are steaming! It just goes to show: “Beagle Project Clothing – Making Scientists Hotter Than Hydrothermal Vents”

    or maybe in your case: “Beagle Project Clothing – Making Librarians Hotter Than Burning Banned Books”

  2. Well now, I’m just gonna have to get me one of those shirts. Is there one of the Beagle hoisting the Jolly Roger?

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