"What’s New" at Darwin Online

These were added to The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online on September 28, 2007:

Charles Robert Darwin [with photographic portrait]. In Reeve, L. and Edward Walford eds. 1866. Portraits of men of eminence in literature, science, and art with biographical memoirs. The photographs from life, by Ernest Edwards, B. A. London: Lovell Reeve & Co., vol. 5, pp. 49-52. Text Images Text & images

[Darwin, C. R.] 1880. [Letter of thanks to the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union]. The naturalist 6, No. 65 (December): 65-68. Text Images Text & images

Oliver, Daniel. 1855. Memoranda of plants, collected by the Coquet, in 1855. Transactions of the Tyneside Naturalists’ Field Club 3, part 2 (Read 15 November): 67. Images

Galton, Francis. 1871. Experiments in pangenesis, by breeding from rabbits of a pure variety, into whose circulation blood taken from other varieties had previously been transfused. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 19 (Read 30 March): 393-410. Images

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