"Unfinished Labors and Thwarted Ambitions": The Life and Science of Edward Forbes

At the Heritage and Research Center I have been searching newspapers for articles about Yellowstone National Park. I use newspaperarchive.com, and so far I have come across some things of interest not related to Yellowstone. One such piece is a small article about the centenary of the birth of Edward Forbes in the Evening Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA) for February 12, 1915. Notice the date, February 12. Anyone else have the birthday?

I thought I’d disperse some online content (and pdfs I have available) about the naturalist Edward Forbes, who, according to this article, had “unfinished labors” and “twarted ambitions” due to his early death at the age of 39.

Forbes on Wikipedia
G. Wilson and A. Geikie, Memoir of Edward Forbes (1861) on Google Book Search
Much more by or about Forbes on Google Book Search
Professor Edward Forbes, F.R.S.,” Journal of Science and Literary Gazette (1854)
Robert Kunzig, “Deep-Sea Biology: Living with the Endless Frontier,” Science 302 (Nov. 7, 2003): 991.
Thomas R. Anderson and Tony Rice, “Deserts on the sea floor: Edward Forbes and his azoic hypothesis for a lifeless deep ocean,” Endeavour 30 (2006): 131-137.
Philip H. Rehbock, “Edward Forbes (1815-1854) – an annotated list of published and unpublished writings,” J. Soc. Biblphy. nat. Hist. 9 (1979): 171-218.
Eric L. Mills, “A view of Edward Forbes, naturalist,” Archives of Natural History 11 (1984): 365-393.

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