"What’s New" at Darwin Online

These were added to The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online on August 7, 2007:

Darwin, C. R. n.d. [Printed acknowledgment of correspondence]. np: np. [post 1868, c. 1860s-1870s] Text Images Text & images

Darwin, C. R. [1859]. Manual of geology. London: William Clowes printed. (Extracted from the Admiralty manual of scientific enquiry, Third edition, 1859). Images

Gray, Asa. 1861. Natural selection not inconsistent with natural theology : a free examination of Darwin’s treatise on the origin of species, and of its American reviewers. London: Trübner & Co.; Boston: Ticknor & Fields. Images

Darwin, C. R. 1881. Correspondence with Charles Darwin LL.D., F.R.S., on experimenting upon living animals. London: William Pickering. 2d edition. Images

1 thought on “"What’s New" at Darwin Online

  1. Glad to see things are really progressing at darwin online! I can’t believe how many things are being added. thanks for the updates.

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