Mega-Post: Post-Fourth Week of Internship

This photo is from atop Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park, looking south. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone cuts across the view, while in the distant left is Yellowstone Lake, and the distant right is the Teton range.

July 20th: Sir Richard Owen born in 1804; John Playfair died in 1819
Pondering Pikaia reminds us that today was the Anniversary of Scopes Verdict

Guardian Unlimited: Making a monkey out of science (scholarly debate was ripe for popular satire in the 19th century)
Red State Rabble rethinks his initial post on Darwin and missionaries
Thoughts in a Haystack on the Discovery Institute linking Darwin to eugenics (Pharyngula’s thoughts)
A website full of Charles Darwin photographs: A Pictorial Biography
Science notes links to a Charles Darwin obit
Light Reading gives us a quote from Secord‘s Darwin and pigeons article
Darwin predicted the discovery of a moth with a very long tongue (more here and here)
Afarensis: Darwin and the Cell and thoughts on Darwin and the Missionaries
Should Darwin have had one of the 7 most exciting moments in science?
On a Korean ID site: Evolutionists Idolize Darwin Daddy (from 2006)
What would sailing on the Beagle sound like?
Darwin – Keeper of Women’s Rights!!!
Philosophy News Service: Darwinism and Gender
Yass to display rare edition of Charles Darwin book

Mano Singham’s Web Journal‘s 10th, 11th, and 12th post on evolution
Evolution News Roundup via Ontogeny
Darwiniana provides links about Lifecode (1, 2)
PLoS Biology: New Taxonomy and the Origin of Species
Telegraph: The new theories of evolution
Beagle Project Blog links an article about evolution’s benefits outside the natural world
Sandwalk has some genetics history (1, 2)

NCSE: Padian reviews Kitzmiller books (here’s a negative review of this review)
Aetiology on a Religion and Science symposium
Check out the new blog Biologists Helping Bookstores (Coturnix’s thoughts)
Is Michael Behe the Darwin Slayer? (ha)
More “quote posts” (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) about the Scopes Monkey Trial from Thoughts in a Haystack
Two sides to the Explore Evolution textbook (and some more)


nothing this week


Tangled Bank #84: Science in Ancient Greece
Laelaps’ first edition of the Boneyard, a blog carnival about paleontology
Latest history of science dissertations (& the one called “The Monkey and the Inkpot” belongs to a new prof coming to my school this fall)
A bloggers thoughts on David Quammen’s “Planet of Weeds” article
Laelaps: Tyrant king of the paleontologists? (Henry Fairfield Osborn)
Fundamentalists are Anti-Science at Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later
Book slut reviews Ending in Ice: The Revolutionary Idea and Tragic Expedition of Alfred Wegener
On Maps and Wests at sporadic meditations

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