Mega-Post: Post-Third Week of Internship

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July 9th: Sir George Darwin (second son of Charles Darwin) born in 1845; Loren Eisley (author of Darwin’s Century and Darwin and the Mysterious Mr. X) died in 1977.
July 12th: Josiah Wedgewood (Darwin’s grandfather, not his father-in-lae/uncle) born in 1730.

Afarensis: Darwin and His Seeds, and On the Theory of Natural Selection (quote)
The Beagle Project Blog on Darwin and Fitzroy
Influences on Darwin: Maer Hall and environs at The Red Notebook
Richard Carter, FCD’s Down House photos
Richard Carter, FCD’s favorite Wellcome image is a [pirate-y] walking stick once owned by Darwin (Pharyngula liked it, too)
Richard Carter, FCD informs us of a Darwin coin slated for 2009
Sandwalk: What is Darwinism?
Book Dragon reviews David Quammen’s The Boilerplate Rhino
Nature: Linnaeus and taxonomy in Japan (subscription required)
eBook: Asa Gray’s Darwiniana: essays and reviews pertaining to Darwinism

Dalhousie University: Evolutionary biology has moved past Darwin’s model
Mano Singham’s Web Journal: 7th, 8th and 9th posts in a series on evolution
Sandwalk’s favorite Wellcome image is a telegram to Francis Crick imforming him of receiving the Nobel Prize
Sandwalk comments on Pharyngula’s image post about Crick
The Struggle for Existence/Belief in Evolution at The Frontal Cortex
Red State Rabble: Carl Sagan explaining evolution

A funny cartoon at Pharyngula
Greg Laden wants you to join the National Center for Science Education
Evolution News & Views: Another Dirty Little Secret in the History of Darwinism
NOVA’s Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
Kenneth Miller on The Colbert Report
Thoughts in a Haystack provides quotes/photos about the Scopes Monkey Trial (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Journal of Social History: Museum Manners: The Sensory Life of the Early Museum
Galileo’s Finger at the Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy
EADT: Platform for history at ‘online’ museum

Latest issue of Isis table of contents
An old Tangled Bank on 18th century science
My advisor at MSU (Michael Reidy) is going on a sabbatical to research the relationship between mountaineering and the advancement of science
Religion and Science at Evolving Thoughts
SHOTnews links to The History of Science and Technology in the Northwest and Science and Law (also see earth forum for links)
Laelaps favorite Wellcome Image is of a plesiosaur (some history of paleontology)
Diary of a Dandelion Diva reviews Dava Sobel’s The Planets
Discover Magazine‘s The 7 Most Exciting Moments in Science
Scott Gerard‘s thoughts on studying the history of science
Laelaps on books: Nothing like some good ‘ol 19th century science
Bookyards Author For Today Is The Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus

2 thoughts on “Mega-Post: Post-Third Week of Internship

  1. Thanks for all the links, but I think you’ve got your Jos. Wedgwoods mixed up… The one born in 1730 was Jos. W the First, Darwin’s grandfather. His father-in-law (and uncle) was Jos. W the Second (born 1769).

  2. Thanks, Richard, for that correction! Sometimes I try to do these posts quickly, since I’ve gathered so many links for the week. My mistake….

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