Today’s Darwin & Natural History Links

An early March 31st “today in science history,” The Red Notebook: a Darwinian weblog on Darwin and his theory of coral formation.

A critique of American and British natural history and science museums, Siamang at eBay athesist states that the new Creation Museum is the best museum in offering education with its displays. A 2005 article related to this post discusses the inability to find corporate sponsership for the Darwin Exhibit.

The National Center for Science Education compiled memorable quotes from the press coverage of the Creation Museum, and audio is available online for a 2-part radio program about creationism.

The Discovery Institute‘s Evolution News & Views on the Darwin-eugenics link, again…. ‘sigh.’

Some more on the Linnaeus celebrations (1, 2, 3), and Richard Ackerman’s comments on Quammen’s latest article on Linnaeus in National Geographic.

Possible withdrawal of Darwin’s home and workplace nomination for World Heritage Site status

Mark Pagel‘s review (access required) of David Sloan Wilson‘s Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin’s Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives for Nature.

A recent geology doctorate (and creationist) doesn’t believe his own work.

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